Sunday, 13 August 2017

Trip To Wellington

Trip To Wellington!

On 21st of July 2017, my family and I flew to Wellington in Jetstar airliner. The reason we were going to Wellington was that of my friend’s birthday party!

Screech! The car’s brakes screamed to a stop. I shoved the door open and sprang out of the charcoal- colored car. I grabbed my bag and a medium-sized- suitcase. As we ran across the zebra-crossing, a giant monstrous shape loomed around the corner and came speeding toward us! We just made it onto the footpath just before the truck rattled by. We then ran into the HUMONGOUS airport right before a group of tourists crowded the entrance. As we sprinted to the baggage check-in, my little sister was looking around, munching food. Next, we jogged to the security check. Finally, we boarded the plane. “Phew,” I sighed.

“Please fasten your seatbelts.” The loud speaker said. Whoosh!  The plane lifted off the ground and zoomed into the sky. As soon as the plane had lifted off the ground and took off into the sky, one of my ears had clogged up. “I hate planes,” I mumbled quietly to myself. I peeked out of the oval-shaped window and saw giant, fluffy clouds. Then suddenly, a huge plane zoomed by! It had a sleek, white body and tiny windows. It had its wheels down, meaning it was preparing to land. Ding! “You can now unfasten your seatbelts,” the loud speaker said. I opened the latch of the seatbelt and after a clicking sound, the belt loosened. “I’m tired,” I yawned and soon I was fast asleep.

Ding! Dong! “Please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to land in Wellington.” The speaker said. As we walked through the hallway to the airport, I could see my friends jumping up and down.

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